Ever had a "Birthday Cake" or "Chocolate Cake" protein bar, only to find out that the protein bar had way too many ingredients, unwanted preservatives and definitely wasn't a real cake?

MUSCLE CAKES are hand-crafted in NYC made fresh with clean and whole ingredients. MUSCLE CAKES were made for those who crave that delicious little piece of cake without the guilt and without the unwanted extras.

No more dry, crumbly protein bars with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Whether your a fitness junkie or a health conscious individual, MUSCLE CAKES lets you indulge in preservative free, gluten free, lower in sugar, high in protein goodies made to satisfy your cravings before or after your workout!


We commit ourselves to providing you with healthy and fresh baked goods. Unlike protein bars found at your local grocery shelves, MUSCLE CAKES wants you to enjoy the satisfaction of having fresh-out-the-oven treats straight from our kitchen and right to your doorstep.


We truly care about what we put in our bodies. And just because you have a sweet tooth, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a snack that’s better for your body, your taste buds and macro goals!


Our relationship with food is the first step to wellness.



Our snacks are built on healthier and organic ingredients. We don't use any preservatives or additives in order to keep a long shelf life. Our mission is to only provide the cleanest ingredients to fuel you throughout your day.



Tasty treats that boast a decent amount of protein content shouldn't justify the excessive amounts of sugar and empty carbs! That's why we use apples and beets in our cake bases to not only provide ultimate moist cakes, but to also use it for it's natural sweetness and nutrients.



When you're tackling the world and making sure your health and body goals are on track, you're constantly moving and on the go! We create our products just for you. Our jars of cake are single servings with the right amount of macro-nutrients for your needs.